Damming the Nile in 360 Video: Episode 2 – BBC Data

Damming the Nile in 360 Video: Episode 2 – BBC Data

For millennia, Egypt has been the primary energy on the Nile, however Ethiopia’s new dam is changing the steadiness of energy on this primary river. Sudan finds itself within the course of the tussle, welcoming the cheap energy and reduced flooding the dam will present. In part two of the BBC Data Digital Actuality documentary sequence “Damming The Nile,” viewers may be transported to the primary farming projects of Sudan, taken to meet the country’s richest man, and join the discussion at a Khartoum boulevard café. After a flying talk over with to a competition on the banks of the Nile, you’re going to explore stale Sudanese pyramids sooner than launching in a balloon over Luxor – Egypt’s historical valley – to study the potential grand this river potential to the land of the pharaohs. You’ll hear no longer easy talk from a minister in Cairo over the Ethiopian dam, and concern within the Delta where farmers and fishermen will lose their livelihoods if the water level falls.

Gargantuan Ethiopian Renaissance Dam chief engineer Simegnew Bekele became as soon as shot needless in his automotive in Addis Ababa in July 2018. Ethiopian authorities are investigating his death

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