Internal Sri Lanka’s financial disaster – BBC Newsnight

Internal Sri Lanka’s financial disaster – BBC Newsnight

Sri Lanka is in the grip of excessive gasoline and food shortages which hold brought folks out onto the streets to demand the elimination of the nation’s president.

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The creating nation has been hit arduous by global offer chain points but many blame financial mismanagement and corruption inside of authorities.

For the major time in ancient previous the nation became forced to default on it is foreign debt last month and has got emergency diesel shipments from India.

Now they are soliciting for an financial bailout worth billions of greenbacks from the World monetary fund.

Speculation is rising that assorted creating countries will rapidly be going throughout the an identical complications.

Newsnight’s Economics editor Ben Chu went to Sri Lanka to peep the disaster engulfing the nation.

Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship info and current affairs TV programme – with evaluation, debate, exclusives, and tough interviews.

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